Love is…hiccup. Sorry, what were we talking about?? – (wedding speech part one).

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I am sitting in LAX airport eating Sun Chips, looking out over the runway, drinking red wine and panicking. Why?  Because it is my cousins wedding this Saturday and I am supposed to be doing a reading in the church, which I promised I would write. And guess what…I haven’t!

She doesn’t know this though. I told her I had done it weeks ago because she went all Bridezilla on me and told me I better not show her up and that it had to be ‘hilarious’.


All week I have been planning to write it on this plane journey, but I appear to have drunk a lot of red wine since being at the airport and now I cant think about writing a poem because all I can think about is sleeping. I am writing this blog to try and wake up my brain, to kick-start it into thinking – rather than sleeping – and to just share the predicament I appear to be in with you, because somehow that is making me feel a little bit calmer (but that could also be the wine…?)

My cousin knows me very well, so well in fact that she knew that if she asked me to be a bridesmaid I would probably have pulled a sicky on her wedding day – that really isn’t my thing. So instead of making me behave myself all day and telling me what to wear, she gave me the honor of doing a reading in the church as an alternative. This was better. Much, much better – but there was still a problem…

I am not comfortable in churches, and I am even less comfortable with religious scripture.  When she asked me to do a reading the fear that she would ask me to read a psalm (WHAT IS THE POINT??) worried me so much that before I said yes I asked her if it was OK if I wrote whatever it was to be myself. Luckily, she said yes. Then, eight months before the wedding, EIGHT  MONTHS, she asked me what my reading was called so she could put it in the program. I hadn’t even thought about it so I said ‘Just say, ‘Dawn, on LOVE’.

So that is what the program says, ‘Dawn, on LOVE’.

Right then. So, errrr…Love? LOVE? Luuurrrvvveee??? (Not a good time for my sexy voice? OK, sorry.…)


Actually it isn’t empty it is currently drunk and sleepy.

I am worried.

I think what I shall do is get onto the plane and have a little sleep. JUST, a little one. If I do that then I can then watch every Rom Com they are showing on Virgin Atlantic and try to find some inspiration there.

Good plan? Hopefully, because it is kind of my only plan…

Oh WHY do I do this? I have always left everything to the last minute. ALWAYS. My cousin is one of the closest people to me in my whole world. Her wedding day is huge to me HUGE. So why have I laid on this extra pressure of being so dammed unorganized?

If my old Head Mistress could see me now she would tut at me, shake her head and say, ‘Typical, Dawn. Just, typical’.

And she is right. I have always done this and I probably always will. I have the organizational skills of a toad – but hey ho, I am really good at … (hmmm, I’ll get back to you on that!)

Right, my mission is to have a speech written by the end of the flight. I can do that, right? Of course I can.

I should probably stop drinking red wine though. Oh no hang on, that will help me sleep wont it? And if I don’t sleep then I wont be able to stay up to watch all the Rom Coms? Sorry, what was the plan again? Did I say drink, sleep, films or drink, films, sleep? Or did I just say drink?

Uh Oh….

Wish me luck.