Firstly, I LOVE BOOBS!

I want to save all of the boobies in the world from trouble and pain. There is a big reason for this.

My mother died of breast cancer two days before my seventh birthday. Poor Mum was being told around the age I am now that she probably wouldn't make it to 36. She did, just. This breaks my heart so badly that I do what I can to save other people from getting the same news that she did. People don't have to die from Breast Cancer. If caught early, it can be treated. Awareness is everything. So take a break from reading this, go check your boobies for lumps and bumps, and then come back.

OK, done? Great...

There are a few charities I LOVE. One is Coppafeel, one is Breast Cancer Care, and another is Breakthrough Breast Cancer. There are others too. Basically anyone who is doing what they can to help people with breast cancer gets my vote.

I do various things to help. I cycled to Paris to raise some cash. I help with events, and I am also putting together a book of funny stories by famous people about their boobs. It's called, The Booby Trap and Other Bits And Boobs, and will go on sale in October. A huge chunk of the profits will go to the three charities I named above. I thought it would be good to cover prevention (Coppafeel), care (Breast Cancer Care) and research (Breakthrough Breast Cancer). That means everyone gets a bit. Hopefully you will all buy a copy and help the cause, it's really quite a special book. It includes entries from the likes of Mel C, Rufus Hound, Caitlin Moran, Chris O'dowd, Caroline Flack, Maude Apatow, Sarah Millican and so so so so many more. I am very excited about it. Tell EVERYONE to buy it.

Also in the pipeline is a Best Friends Ball. Breast Cancer Care and I thought it might be nice to have a do to celebrate friendship. So I will be asking people to bring their BFF's along for the night to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer and let me and some mates throw a party to celebrate how awesome the female bond truly is.

And there is so much more stuff on the way. It's an ongoing cause and fund raising endeavour. If you are a brand and are interested in sponsorship or putting nice things in goody bags, please do get in touch.

For now, my boobs and I are off to enjoy each other. That sounded weird. Sorry.

Dawn xxx