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The weirdest thing about being a writer is that other people write about you. So here are some examples of that.

I was living the Hollywood life
26 MARCH 2017

Me on being a pathetic mess for a bit. And other stuff...

25 MARCH 2017

I have an odd relationship with motherhood.

Vintage Shop
21 NOVEMBER 2014

An interview with Stellar magazine about Vintage shopping and baby bumps!

A date with Dawn
13 NOVEMBER 2014

Talking to Scottish Woman magazine about BOBbyDOP and all things vintage.

Old school style icons
02 NOVEMBER 2014

Talking about BOB, shopping vintage, LA and old school style icons.

She's a Fashion Designer
01 NOVEMBER 2014

Chatting with Tanya Sweeney of the Independent about vintage fashion.

Girl lost in the city
01 NOVEMBER 2014

Chatting to Emma Gannon over lunch about dresses, books and BOB.

5 Mintues with Ella
31 OCTOBER 2014

An interview with Ella from La Petite Anglaise about writing, presenting and vintage clothing.

What Olivia Did..
30 OCTOBER 2014

An interview with Olivia about BOB and vintage clothing.

Ditched a holiday for a dress

Talking to Notebook magazine about how I ditched a holiday for an expensive dress.

Revolutionise Retro Clothing
16 JUNE 2014

Talking to Jeananne Craig about writing, vintage clothing, Chris and how support knickers are the work of Satan.

C4 Interview : This Old Thing
12 JUNE 2014

An interview with Channel 4 about my new series, This Old Thing : The Vintage Clothes Show. The series starts on 25th June on C4.

Inspired by a Novel
22 MAY 2014

Talking to Sophie Robinson about how a novel helped inspire my writing career.

Goose Q & A Session
04 APRIL 2014

A Q & A section with Nasim Asl and an audience in Newcastle as part of the Goose Tour.

Acting Degree
03 APRIL 2014

Talking to The Celebrity Graduate about how my acting degree has helped with my career.

My Life in Books
02 APRIL 2014

Chatting to Irish Country Life about the 5 books that shaped my life.

Chatting to Amy Huberman
02 APRIL 2014

Chatting to my good friend, the amazing Amy Huberman, Irelands Sweetheart.

Women Fancy my Husband!
01 APRIL 2014

Talking to Fabulous magazine about Chris, Books and life in LA!

ShinraAlpha : Goose Review
26 MARCH 2014

Another review about Goose. This time by ShinraAlpha.

Read Bake Stitch : Goose
24 MARCH 2014

A review about my new book, Goose by Emma Jack of Read Bake Stitch.

Guardian : Goose Review
21 MARCH 2014

A review about Goose (the sequel to Paper Aeroplanes) by The Guardian Online.

As many hours as Beyonce
13 MARCH 2014

Talking to Source about Goose, the fashion line, TV work and how to balance it all.

Fall back in love with clothes
14 DECEMBER 2013

For those of us who feel fashion slipping from our grasp, it is a delicious pleasure to wear outfits that have stories to tell.

A chat with my little Patootie
07 DECEMBER 2013

An interview with Amy Peet, a young aspiring writer, about Paper Aeroplanes and general life questions.

I'm Thrilled to Announce...
29 OCTOBER 2013

I have just signed a deal with Hot Key Books for 3 more books.

The peope who made me
16 OCTOBER 2013

An interview with Tesco Magazine about the people that made me the person I am today.

A breast read
15 OCTOBER 2013

Chatting with Irish Tatler about my new book, The Booby Trap.

Why I Love Boobs
14 OCTOBER 2013

An article for Good Housekeeping about why I love boobs.

My future after mum died
13 OCTOBER 2013

Talking to the Daily Mirror about my future after my mum passed away.

New Dawn
12 OCTOBER 2013

Talking to The Scotsman about how losing my mum shaped my life.

Breast Cancer Awareness
11 OCTOBER 2013

An article in the Herald about The Booby Trap and the amazing people I teamed up with.

Swapping TV for fiction
17 AUGUST 2013

Chatting to The Scotsman online about swapping TV for fiction.

Conversation: The Independent
17 AUGUST 2013

Talking toThe Independent about online shopping and my wedding onsie.

Irish Tatler Magazine
01 JULY 2013

Chatting to Irish Tatler Magazine about all sorts, including why Chris makes me broody.

You Mag: Innocent Girl
27 JUNE 2013

Talking to You Magazine about how I'll never be the innocent girl Irish mothers hope for.

OK Mag: Angelina's Decision
19 MAY 2013

Talking to OK magazine about Angelina Jolie's decision.

My Life In Travel
18 MAY 2013

An interview in Saturdays Independent Traveller Magazine.

House Seven
14 MAY 2013

Talking to House Seven about Paper Aeroplanes.

Heat Top 5 Books
11 MAY 2013

Heat Magazines' top 5 books that you should be reading right now.

Hello Magazine
06 MAY 2013

An article written by Richard Arnold in Hello Magazine.

Grazia Review
06 MAY 2013

A review in the Week In, Week Out section of Grazia Magazine.

Reads like teen spirit
06 MAY 2013

A review about Paper Aeroplanes in Now Magazine.

10 Minutes With...
02 MAY 2013

An interview with Hester Alderman of Cuckoo Review about Paper Aeroplanes.

Hello! Online Exclusive
02 MAY 2013

An online exclusive interview with Hello! Magazine.

Bliss Book Club Review
01 MAY 2013

A review in the book club section of Bliss Magazine.

Company Magazine Review
01 MAY 2013

A review in Company Magazine about Paper Aeroplanes.

Queen of Everything
01 MAY 2013

An interview in Stylist Magazine.

For Books' Sake
30 APRIL 2013

A review by For Books' Sake about Paper Aeroplanes.

My hubby loves my body
30 APRIL 2013

An interview with Closer magazine.

Chatting to Blue Skies Books
29 APRIL 2013

Chatting to Blue Skies books about Paper Aeroplanes.

A date with - Sunday Express
28 APRIL 2013

An article in Sunday Express Magazine about Paper Aeroplanes.

Never going to be Mrs O'Dowd
27 APRIL 2013

An interview with Stephen Milton of the Irish Independent.

Book Review: Paper Aeroplanes
25 APRIL 2013

A book review for Paper Aeroplanes by SoSoGay.

I get Elbowed in the Tits A lot
24 APRIL 2013

An interview in Marie Claire.

5 minutes with Dawn O’Porter
21 APRIL 2013

An interview with Gossipdrip.

Observer - On my radar
21 APRIL 2013

An interview with the Observer.

Emotional Ties
13 APRIL 2013

This was in You Magazine.

10 JANUARY 2013

The worlds fastest interview.

Two Friends

If you missed it, here is the piece Caroline and I did about our friendship in Grazia.

In The Closet – Sunday Express
20 FEBRUARY 2012

Here you go, if you missed it yesterday this is about me and what is in my wardrobe x